The Robertson Gymnastics Academy is one of the largest gymnastics facilities in Australia, located on 1600 square metres. The Academy is fully equipped for a wide variety of gymnastics disciplines. Together, "The Academy" and "The Centre" venues make Robertson Gymnastics one of the largest and most
comprehensive providers of Gymnastics Sports in Australia.

As well as a variety of junior development programs, The Academy hosts an Elite Development program for Sports Acrobatics. Gymnasts now come from all over Australia to train under the direction of triple world champion Yuriy Stepchenkov and his wife, Olena, also a former champion gymnast.


The Robertson Gymnastics Academy allows children to begin at any age and individually progress to fulfil their personal
potential. If they possess the necessary talent and dedication, gymnasts from the Academy can aim for advanced levels of
performance, representing at State and National level. To date, twenty-two gymnasts from Robertson Gymnastics have
represented Australia.

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